Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Read the following terms and conditions carefully. By registering as a subscriber at usenetdeal.com, you agree with the following agreement. Inextricably linked to these general conditions is the policy for acceptable use of usenetdeal.com.

Article 1 Definitions

1.1 The “Acceptance Date” is the date on which the subscriber registers online via the usenetdeal.com website and accepts this agreement.
1.2 “Service” means: the possibility to gain access to usenet via the network of usenetdeal.com, or to make use of the technical facilities offered by the usenetdeal.com for the provision of information, or any other facility on behalf of the subscriber , in a manner as offered by the usenet discounter and agreed by the subscriber and usenetdeal.com.
1.3 “Subscriber” means: the natural person with whom the usenetdeal.com has subscribed.
1.4 “Parties” means the usenetdeal.com and subscriber jointly.

Article 2 General

2.1 These general terms and conditions apply to all relations, including future ones, between usenetdeal.com and subscriber, unless the parties have expressly agreed otherwise in writing.
2.2 These general terms and conditions replace (any) previous general terms and conditions drawn up by the usenetdeal.com.
2.3 Any offer made by usenetdeal.com is entirely without obligation and can be revoked within 7 days after receipt of the acceptance of such an offer, unless parties have agreed otherwise.
2.4 usenetdeal.com reserves the right at all times to change these general conditions unilaterally. Changes take effect on a date specified in the announcement or, if there is no indication on this, 30 days after publication. If the subscriber does not agree with this change, the subscriber must make this known in writing within 30 days of the date. In the absence of a response from the subscriber, the new conditions come into effect. Changes will be announced on the website of the usenetdeal.com.
2.5 By registering and accepting the general conditions online, the subscriber declares to be at least 18 years of age or older.

Article 3 Subscriptions

3.1 A subscription is requested by filling in the registration page on the usenetdeal.com website (https: //www.usenetdeal.com), or in any other manner indicated by usenetdeal.com.
3.2 Upon receipt of the application for the subscription, the usenetdeal.com will arrange for the admission of the subscriber to the service. Details of the service can be found on the website of usenetdeal.com; thus, https://www.usenetdeal.com. The subscription commences on the acceptance date and the subscriber will be given the opportunity by the usenetdeal.com to use the service.
3.3 The agreement between usenetdeal.com and the subscriber is entered into for a period as described on the orde page, unless the parties have agreed otherwise. usenetdeal.com will keep the active subscription info available on the member panel. You can find the member panel via this link. If the subscriber does not cancel the subscription within 40 days before the end of the period in writing (including e-mail), the agreement is automatically extended by a period equal to the old subscription period. The subscriber is responsible at all times for keeping track of his subscription period, even if the email with contract extension is not received for any reason whatsoever.
3.4 If the subscriber wants a different type of subscription, he can submit a request in writing (including e-mail) to usenetdeal.com. If this request is accepted by usenetdeal.com, the change will take effect on a date indicated by usenetdeal.com. Changes and relocations may involve additional costs which will be communicated to the subscriber.
3.5 If the subscriber fails to comply with one or more of its obligations, including in any case, but not limited to the fulfillment of its financial obligations, towards usenetdeal.com, and is entitled to terminate the subscription with immediate effect and / or to deny access to the service in whole or in part and to block it temporarily or otherwise.
3.6 usenetdeal.com reserves the right at all times, without giving reasons, to refuse, suspend or terminate subscriptions.
3.7. If a subscriber reverses(chargeback) a direct debit, we will charge € 10, – ex VAT per reversal. These so-called chargeback costs are charged on from our payment provider and administration costs. We also immediately close the account until the debt balance of the account is € 0, – and therefore all outstanding amounts are paid.
3.8 If a subscriber does not pay his outstanding debt to us within the given period of two mail reminders for 30 days, we will transfer this to the debt collection agency that handles the claim. The costs imposed on the collection agency will have to be paid by the subscriber.

Article 4 Rates

4.1 Unless the parties have agreed otherwise, the usual fees and prices to be applied by usenetdeal.com apply to all relations between usenetdeal.com and the subscriber, which are communicated by usenetdeal.com on its website. At the request of the subscriber, the information regarding the applicable rates will be sent to him.
4.2 usenetdeal.com is entitled to unilaterally change the prices of all its products and services. If possible, the subscriber will be informed of this in writing (including e-mail) 10 days before the changes take place.

Article 5 Payment

5.1 Depending on what parties have agreed, the subscription fees must be paid in advance on the acceptance date for the entire subscription period, 30 days or another agreed period. If there is a direct debit then the usenet discounter collects the amounts up to 7 days before the start of the period. If the usenet discounter has not received payment from the subscriber or the payment has been reversed, a reminder will be sent, which must be read as proof of default. In the absence of payment after the reasonable period of time set in the reminder, the subscriber is in default. The subscriber does not appeal to deduction, discount or compensation.
5.2 usenetdeal.com accepts payments exclusively through the payment methods offered on the usenetdeal.com website. In any case, the payment method includes the direct debit. The subscriber authorizes usenetdeal.com by entering into this agreement to debit the subscription fees of the specified account via a direct debit.
5.3 If the subscriber is in default in the manner referred to in paragraph 1 of this article, or otherwise fails in the fulfillment of one or more of his obligations under the agreement or these general terms and conditions, then, without prejudice to the consequences that the law attaches to such shortcomings, all reasonable costs incurred in obtaining payment out of court on behalf of the subscriber.
5.4 The payments made by the subscriber always serve primarily to settle any interest and costs owed and secondly to claimable invoices that have been outstanding the longest. This is no different if the subscriber states that the payment relates to a later invoice.

Article 6 Guarantees & Obligations

6.1 The subscriber guarantees that all information provided to usenetdeal.com in any way whatsoever is complete, accurate and current.
6.2 The subscriber is obliged to comply with all obligations, instructions and restrictions imposed by the usenet discounter.
6.3 The subscriber must behave in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations and must exercise due care in relation to the service that may be expected from a reasonably acting subscriber. The subscriber will also try to prevent the interests of usenet discounter from being harmed as much as possible when using the service.
6.4 The subscriber is in no way permitted to use the service or to have it used for unlawful actions, committing criminal offenses and / or for acts that are contrary to the Netiquette, or the rules of the Internet community.
6.5 Without the express permission of usenetdeal.com, the subscriber is not allowed to connect (parts of) a network or other users, within or outside his organization, in any way with (parts of) the service of usenetdeal.com.
6.6 If the subscriber violates the previous paragraphs of this article or the usenet discounter suspects this, the usenetdeal.com is entitled to take measures, such as suspending the obligation to provide the service. In that case, the subscriber can not invoke a refund of prepaid compensation or compensation.

Article 7 Retention & Completeness

7.1 usenet discounter does not guarantee retention or completeness percentages. The retention and completeness percentages communicated by usenetdeal.com are estimates that are based on the current data.
7.2 If the posting volume of usenet increases or decreases, the usenet discounter may increase or decrease the retention accordingly and without notice.

Article 8 Copyright

8.1 It is always up to the subscriber to determine the legal status of all intellectual property of products that are used or duplicated via our service. There is a possibility that there is copyright on data that is available via the network. usenetdeal.com can not view the information that flows through our network or is stored in our system.
8.2 The subscriber agrees not to violate the copyright law by sending copyright works through the usenetdeal.com network or by having these works sent or stored without the permission of the copyright holder. Unauthorized uploading of copyrighted content may result in the usenet discounter suspending the posting and terminating the subscription.

Article 9 Spam & Flooding

9.1 usenetdeal.com does not tolerate the sending of spam in any way and we take far-reaching measures to prevent the presence of spam on our servers as much as possible. We implement a zero tolerance policy towards subscribers who try to distribute spam through our servers. Although many types of material can be defined as spam, the usenetdeal.com does not allow commercial advertising for products or services. In our Acceptable Use Policy, you will find more information about material that we deem inappropriate.
9.2 When a large quantity of articles is posted without any useful purpose for others or with the clear intention to disrupt a newsgroup or disrupt the use of the newsgroup for others, this is regarded by the usenet discounter as “flooding”. This abuse falls with usenetdeal.com in the DoS attack (Denial of Service) and is considered a serious abuse of the service.
9.3 If it is determined that flooding takes place, usenetdeal.com is entitled to take measures, such as suspending the obligation to provide the service. In that case, the subscriber can not invoke a refund of prepaid compensation or compensation.

Article 10 Controversial & Explicit material

10.2 usenetdeal.com is in no way responsible for the content of the subscriber’s communication via the usenetdeal.com service. Internet and usenet are large communities that view censorship as a serious crime. During the use of the service, the subscriber has access to and the subscriber may, perhaps once, be exposed to materials that are offensive to the subscriber. Examples include sexually explicit text and (coded) images, debates between supporters and opponents of certain religions, questionable political views and hateful statements. usenetdeal.com explicitly waives liability for any damage resulting from exposure to such material.
10.2 usenetdeal.com will in no way tolerate that subscribers are guilty of possessing or distributing child pornography in any form whatsoever. usenetdeal.com will report immediately upon detection and block the subscriber from accessing his network.

Article 11 Security & Personal Data

11.1 By entering into the agreement with the subscriber, usenetdeal.com has taken the best efforts to secure the service, but in case of insufficient security usenetdeal.com is not liable for any damage that the subscriber or a third party as a result suffers or has ago.
11.2 If the subscriber notices or suspects that third parties have accessed in an improper manner via his / her personal subscription to the network of usenetdeal.com, he must notify usenetdeal.com in writing (including e-mail). Not usenetdeal.com but the subscriber is at all times liable for any damage, caused as a result of such improper use of the service.
11.2 The data of the subscriber will be included in the administration of usenetdeal.com, which is only used for administrative purposes and marketing purposes. Without the permission of the subscriber or court order, this information will not be made public or provided to third parties for other purposes.

Article 12 Emergencies

12.1 In cases of urgency in which the usenetdeal.com deems it reasonable, the usenetdeal.com is entitled, with or without prior notice to the subscriber, to make changes to the service to be provided by the usenetdeal.com or to take other (temporary) measures that the usenetdeal.com deems necessary at that time to ensure the continuity of the service. The subscriber will be informed about this as soon as possible.
12.2 usenetdeal.com is not liable for any damage or costs of the subscriber, resulting from the measures referred to in paragraph 1 of this article. If such measures are taken, the subscriber is not entitled to unilaterally withdraw from his obligations.

Article 13 Force majeure

13.1 usenetdeal.com is not liable if a shortcoming in the fulfillment of obligations towards the subscriber is the result of circumstances that are not imputable to it. This could include faults in the electricity supply or other disruptions which can not be blamed for the usenet discounter, international conflicts, industrial incidents among the staff of the usenet discounter or any third parties that provide services to the usenet discounter, boycott actions or measures of any government. This list is not exhaustive.

Article 14 Liability

14.1 usenetdeal.com is not liable for direct and / or indirect damage of the subscriber as a result of an (attributable) shortcoming in the fulfillment of any agreement or any other obligation of usenetdeal.com towards the subscriber, which is not due to intent or gross negligence of the subscriber. usenet discounter. The liability is in any case limited to direct damage to property and direct damage by death or injury, and up to an amount equal to the amount that usenetdeal.com has received for the services provided, with a maximum of € 4,500.
14.2 usenetdeal.com is not liable for any indirect damage, including consequential damage, damage to reputation or goodwill and financial losses including but not limited to loss of turnover, profit, contracts, trade or expected savings, nor is usenetdeal.com obliged to compensate for damage as a result of loss and / or inaccessibility of the internet, trading loss, damage resulting from the leakage of confidential data, damage caused by electronic payment or damage arising from claims of third parties against the subscriber.
14.3 usenetdeal.com is not liable for damage on the part of the subscriber caused by third parties, who may or may not make use of the service of usenetdeal.com.
14.4 The subscriber indemnifies usenetdeal.com for all third-party claims related to the use of the service by the subscriber and / or insufficient compliance by the subscriber with any obligation towards usenetdeal.com, whether or not arising from these general terms and conditions.
14.5 The subscriber is at all times liable for the consequences of failure to comply with the usenet discounter towards third parties, which is caused by or due to the behavior of the subscriber.

Article 15 Confidentiality

15.1 usenet discounter and the subscriber will never provide or disclose confidential information of the other party to a third party without the prior written (including e-mail) consent of the other party. The subscriber’s passwords will be classified as confidential information and only the subscriber is responsible for protecting the confidentiality of these passwords and preventing their use by a third party.
15.2 Confidential information shall in any case be understood to mean all the traffic of the subscriber, the provisions contained in these general terms and conditions and any other information regarding usenetdeal.com that has not yet been made public and which at the time of making available to the subscriber by usenetdeal.com as confidential considered.
15.3 Confidential information does not include information that belongs to the public domain, has been developed independently without access to the confidential information of the other party, is lawfully obtained from a third party or has to be disclosed on the basis of a statutory provision or court order.
15.4 The subscriber acknowledges and accepts that the information provided for the payment of the subscription to usenetdeal.com by usenetdeal.com used and provided to companies that carry out work at the request of usenetdeal.com exclusively for the purpose of checking creditworthiness, effectuating payment to usenetdeal.com and / or facilitating the subscriber’s account.

Article 16 Final provisions

16.1 All claims by the subscriber against usenetdeal.com are subject to a one-year limitation period after the legal claim has arisen.
16.2 After the conclusion of the agreement made agreements and / or any commitments by or on behalf of usenetdeal.com bind usenetdeal.com only if confirmed in writing by her.
16.3 The subscriber is not entitled, without the prior written consent of usenetdeal.com, to transfer any rights and obligations pursuant to these general terms and conditions and any agreement with usenetdeal.com.
16.4 usenetdeal.com is entitled without the (written) permission of the subscriber to transfer the rights and obligations from the agreement (in whole or in part) to a third party or subcontract it out subcontract.
16.5 In the event of invalidity of a provision from these general terms and conditions, the general terms and conditions are not entirely void, but there is only partial nullity. The void provision will be replaced by a provision which, as far as legally possible, corresponds with the sentence that the parties could reasonably attribute to this agreement at the time of the conclusion of the agreement.
16.6 Changes to the authority of the subscriber, its representatives or authorized representatives shall at all times be in force vis-à-vis the usenetdeal.com only after the usenet discounter has been informed of this in writing.
16.7 The subscriber is obliged to immediately notify usenetdeal.com of any intended (email) change of address in writing or by e-mail. In case uenetdiscounter has to contact the subscriber in writing, it is discharged when it does so at the last address that the subscriber has notified to her in writing.
16.8 Dutch law is applicable to the relations between the subscriber and the usenet discounter. Disputes between the subscriber and the usenet discounter are brought before the competent Dutch court, unless legislation or international treaties prescribe otherwise.

usenetdeal.com Acceptable Use Policy

The usenetdeal.com Acceptable Use Policy outlines acceptable usage of your usenetdeal.com account, describes what we consider to be abuse of our services, and details the procedures we follow in investigating reports of abuse.

Although we wish to extend every possible consideration to our members, usenetdeal.com will deal quickly and decisively with instances of clear abuse of our service, to include suspension of posting or account termination.

By signing up and/or using your usenetdeal.com account, you agree to abide by this policy and to keep updated on changes, since this policy may change at any time. This Acceptable Use Policy should be considered as part of the Terms of Service for your usenetdeal.com account. Please note that by signing up, your email can be used for promotional or commercial purposes.

Reasonable Use Policy
usenetdeal.com would like for all of its members to have reasonable use of its service. To that end, usenetdeal.com may curtail unreasonable usage of Unlimited accounts in order to ensure the best possible service for all members. usenetdeal.com’ Unlimited account does not constitute a dedicated connection. If a member appears to be unable to maintain a reasonable use of the service, usenetdeal.com may cancel, suspend, or decline to renew service for that member without notice. It is within usenetdeal.com’ sole discretion to determine what comprises
unreasonable use.

usenetdeal.com accounts are for individual use only. Any non-individual use, or any use that is indistinguishable from non-individual use, is prohibited. For example, the following uses are prohibited:

Sharing a login between people
Simultaneous logins from multiple IP addresses
Connecting from a proxy of any kind
Using DNEWS, NetCache, or any other multi-access caching system

Net Etiquette and Abuse
Each newsgroup can be considered as a separate “community”, where those who regularly use the newsgroup have standards for what is appropriate and what is not. These standards can vary from one group to the next. Many groups have written charters and FAQs that
reflect a consensus of those who regularly use the newsgroup. You should always read posts in a newsgroup to learn what is considered appropriate before posting to that newsgroup. For a listing of charters and FAQs on various subjects, be sure to check out

At usenetdeal.com, we would like every member to have the best experience possible with the newsgroups. We do not, however, wish that to be at the expense of others. The newsgroups are comprised of people from diverse backgrounds. When communicating with people on the
newsgroups, it is best to keep in mind that there are many other people that read what you post. Please consider the views and feelings of everyone who might read your posts and give them the same consideration and respect as you would like to receive yourself.

When usenetdeal.com receives complaints of improper or abusive posting from our servers, we consider the following guidelines as we investigate the posting. Improper or abusive posting may result in temporary or permanent suspension of posting on the account, or in account termination.

Almost every country has copyright laws. usenetdeal.com cannot and does not review the information flowing through or stored on our system. When you become a usenetdeal.com member, you are agreeing not to transfer or store copyrighted works on our system without
the permission of the copyright holder.

Although there is no single, precise definition of spam, and there are differing opinions on what constitutes spam, we will consider the following when reviewing complaints:

Repetitive Posting
Posting the same thing repeatedly in one or more newsgroups will usually be considered spam, regardless of the content.

Commercial Posts
Commercial posts are frowned upon in nearly every newsgroup. Most groups do not welcome contributions from a business or commercial website.

Promotional Posts
Promoting a business, a website, or an organization will usually be considered as spam, in nearly every newsgroup. This can even include inviting visitors to a ‘personal’, ‘public service’, or charitable website.

‘For Sale’ Groups
Most groups with ‘forsale’ in the group name are meant for individuals to exchange information about items they are selling or wish to purchase. Many of these groups are ‘local’ to a geographical area. Most of these groups do not welcome posts from businesses or
about items for sale on an auction site, such as eBay. Be certain that your posts to these groups will be welcomed by those who use these newsgroups.

Chain Letters/Pyramid Schemes
According to United States law, chain letters and pyramid schemes are illegal. Almost all “make money fast”, “get rich quick”, and “multilevel marketing” offers fall into this category. If you are found to be posting these to the newsgroups, your account will be terminated.

A few binary newsgroups, such as certain music groups, encourage posting to more than one group at the same time, as long as the content is appropriate to each newsgroup. The majority of binary groups and almost all text groups, however, discourage any form of
crossposting. Please consider that a thread in a text group may begin as appropriate to two newsgroups, but followups may soon become “off topic” in one of the groups.

Off-Topic Posting
Nearly every newsgroup has a stated topic or acceptable range of topics for posting or discussion. Blatant disregard of the intended subject matter in a newsgroup will be treated as abusive posting. Posting off topic material in large volume or with apparent malicious intent
will lead to immediate account termination.

Trolling is the practice of maliciously trying to incite others that use a newsgroup, to deviate from the stated topic of the group. In other words, trolling is an attempt to anger others to the point of drawing them into an argument or an off topic debate. usenetdeal.com does not tolerate
trolling and will terminate service of those who abuse the service in this manner.

Altered Headers
Falsifying header lines to obscure the originating server, to attribute a post to someone else, to falsely indicate moderator approval, or to make an original post look like a followup are serious abuses of our service and will result in immediate account termination.

Other Abuse Situations
The z abuse staff has a great deal of experience with newsgroups, as individual users, ourselves. That extensive experience will allow us to reach an equitable determination in situations that do not fall into any of the explicit categories detailed above.
usenetdeal.com is very strict about spamming.

You agree to not spam, and you agree to avoid any form of posting that may look like spam. If it is determined that you have posted spam
through the usenetdeal.com servers, you will be charged a €50 cleanup fee per spam message that you posted, and your account will be terminated.

Retention and Completion
usenetdeal.com does not guarantee any retention or completion rates. Retention and completion rates displayed on usenetdeal.com’ website are approximations based on then current data. As the posting volume on Usenet increases and decreases usenetdeal.com’ retention may increase
and decrease accordingly without notice.

Abuse Reports
Reports of abuse can be sent to abuse@usenetdeal.com

We cannot address incidents of spam or other abuse unless it was posted through the usenetdeal.com servers. We will need full article headers in order to investigate any report of abuse originating on our servers.

When we receive a valid abuse report about a usenetdeal.com member, our staff will take immediate action, as we feel necessary to ensure posting of the abusive material will cease.

This may include suspension of posting on the account where the posts originated, pending investigation of the report.
If it is clear to our staff that someone has signed up for usenetdeal.com service for the sole purpose of abusing our service, the account will be terminated immediately without notice or refund.

Other complaints will be reviewed by our abuse staff. Each member of our abuse staff will consider the circumstances of the posting, the newsgroup to which it was posted, and the number of complaints received about the posting. In certain cases, we may consider whether
there was a malicious intent apparent in the abusive posting. In addition to other factors, our staff will evaluate whether the subject posting is consistent with the kind of service we have chosen to offer to consumers.

Our abuse staff almost always operates on a consensus basis. usenetdeal.com wishes to offer a flexible service that will meet the needs of our members. We do not wish to regulate or censor our members in any way. We do feel an obligation, however, to encourage appropriate use of our service and proper use of the newsgroups, to the mutual benefit of everyone that uses them.